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Yucatan Chicken Platter

Yucatan Chicken Platter

At Daily Greenz, etc. Chef Cristina has been getting several request from her clients for a “simpler way” to get that fabulous Private Chef food experience.  So we would like to introduce some simple Summer Picnic Platters for pick-up or delivery service.  Your platters or our platters- don’t worry no one has to know you didn’t make it!!

Rancho San Julian Flank Steak & Organic Chicken Platter
Grass-fed Beef & organic Chicken

Chef Cristina has created a few menu selections that will go well with any party or celebration for end of season gatherings.

Sample Picnic Menu

We can also prepare our signature Daily Greenz, etc. lunch salads in Family Style buffet platters or bulk for easy transfer onto your platters.

Daily Greenz, etc. Summer Delivery 082212.

Black Bean Roasted Poblano Salad















Flank Steak Wrap

Flank Steak Wrap

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