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What happen to our Indian Summer??

We always look forward to September & October in Santa Barbara for the best sunsets and warm nights….Farmers Market still full of heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn so that is our Special for this week with a great Yucatan Style Grilled Chicken – Yum!!

This is last week for Summer Menu new Fall items already being tested, Flank Steak Wrap & Mezze Salad are my favorites so far!!

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  1. SB eater says:

    Farmer’s market special: yucatan chicken, heirloom tomato and sweet corn is delightful. The corn is cool, crisp, and sweet. Heirloom tomato, perfectly ripe- not mealy, soft or underrippened, they add a lot to this salad, not an ingredient to be pushed aside. The chicken is wonderfully seasoned, slightly smokey, a tad spicy, but very moist & delicious. And the romaine lettuce was a great choich as many other greens would not maintain the same crunchy aspect. All in all, a great salad!

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