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DailyGreenz, etc. - Lunch Delivery and Catering in Santa Barbara

Welcome to Daily Greenz, etc.!

Thank you for visiting our new web site! In addition to our healthy lunch delivery offerings for the Santa Barbara area, in the coming months we will be updating our blog with news about seasonal produce at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market, menu specials, information about healthy eating, recipes and press related to Daily Greenz, etc. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you again soon.

Elsa & Cristina


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  1. SB eater says:

    Ok, I hate mayo, therefore chicken salad is a big thing I tend to avoid. This chicken salad however is great. The sun dried tomato dressing and perfectly cooked chicken creates a savory, crispy crunchy combination I enjoyed much more than another, what is usually served as a ‘chicken salad,’ wrap or alone it’s a very welcome new take on a traditional dish for many. A typical chicken salad reminds me of something that came out of a small tin can, gross! This salad however is crispy, no fatty mayo flavor, and chicken does not look like it was shredded up leftovers. Truly, a great chicken salad!!!

  2. SB eater says:

    Yesterday I tried the lemongrass chicken salad, it was wonderful! The noodles were the perfect vehicle between the fresh herbs, crunchy bean sprouts and the chili lime dressing. Love the peanut drizzle. A perfectly refreshing, delicious salad!

  3. SB eater says:

    Pear & blue cheese salad- love it! Everyone does a pear & blue cheese salad, and I usually find them to be so so, this one however is excellent- enough said.

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