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DailyGreenz, etc. - Lunch Delivery and Catering in Santa Barbara

Meet Your Team

Our Story Daily Greenz, etc.

Chef Cristina has over 25 years of experience with culinary giants Wolfgang Puck, Chef Reed Hearon and Bon Appetite to name a few. Though her experience she has developed a strong passion for sustainable food service and environmental stewardship. As a Santa Barbara, California native her access to high quality food helped make a significant splash locally and lead to the success of Daily Greenz, etc. It was Cristina’s passion to use a “from scratch using locally grown, organic ingredients” approach throughout her career to offer options to eat wholesome when not at home.

Daily Greenz, etc. is known as one of the top catering options in Santa Barbara. The company was developed by Chef Cristina and her partner Elsa. Elsa has over 25 years of experience in the service and catering industry across the nation. Elsa’s entire career has been motivated by a strong love for high quality wholesome food that is good for your body. Her passion for the community and love for health coupled with Chef Cristina’s experience has created an incredible partnership to bring pure food options to the community.

Chef Cristina and Elsa are taking their experience to the next level by offering an expanded catering service in Santa Barbara County.  As a Santa Barbara native Cristina has seen the culinary transformation and population growth take shape in her hometown. Together they are motivated to build an environment that has a down to earth feel with high quality menu items.  The driving force is to make good food accessible to the community. Their new expanded catering services are motivated by the constant craving to create an option where you can dine in and feel good about it. It is through their own dietary restrictions that they have found a strong desire to provide options to eat out freely.

Mission: To provide a delicious sustainable food option with a wholesome from scratch approach using great tasting local, natural and organic ingredients for everyone to enjoy. To ensure maximum return for our shareholders while giving back to the community.
Vision: To provide access to natural and organic food for people to feel good and live longer. That everyone who experiences our food feels good from the inside out and wants to dine with us on a Daily basis.
Core Values: Great Tasting Food, Unsurpassed Quality,  Outstanding Service, Health-giving, Sustainability, Happiness and Growth for our staff, Developing meaningful relationships with local farmers.